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Mustard Products

Mustard has been used for many years for its nutritional, medicinal, functional, and
condiment value in mayonnaise and similar salad dressings.  Mustard provides improved
flavor, colors and texture.  It is a natural antioxidant and is often used for purposes such as
emulsifier, thickener, protein source, and flavor component.  

Truspex Inc. carries a full line of mustard products for virtually every application.  From
whole mustard seed to mustard flour, Truspex Inc. guarantees highest quality, specialized
formulations and competitive products at the best prices.

As your business partner, Truspex Inc. always monitors the world with regard to changing
trends in supply, demand, and pricing for our customers’ satisfaction. We strive to be on the
leading edge of new technology in the development and commercialization of new products.

Mustard Products Available:

  •       Oriental Mustard Seed

  •       Oriental Ground Mustard

  •       Yellow Ground Mustard

  •       Ground Mustard

  •       Mustard Flour

  •       Deheated Ground Mustard

  •       Premium Salad Mustard