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Korean Ginseng & Red Ginseng Products

Korean Ginseng, a medicinal herb, naturally exists in only three regions: Korea, Manchuria,
and the Littoral province of Siberia.  The Korean peninsula is the best place to grow
ginseng, because ginseng has stringent requirements for the plant's growth, and Korea has
the ideal temperature zone, plenty of rain in the summer, proper coldness in the winter, etc.  
The value of Korean Ginseng has been known in the world since the 4th century B. C.  
Books written in this era documented ginseng as emergent medicine and tonic for long-life.
Ginseng was first mentioned as a tonic as early as 48-33 B. C. in Interpretation of
Creatures written by You Shi of ancient China.  Moreover, Shen Nung Pen-Ts'ao-ching, the
worlds oldest extant Chinese medicinal book, described the quality and production area of
ginseng, medicinal effects of ginseng, and showed that high quality ginseng mainly came
from the Korean kingdom of Kokuryo.  Russian botanist C. A. Meyer named it panax
ginseng in 1843.  The genus name, panax means cure all in Greek (pan meaning all, Axos
meaning heal), therefore, true ginseng means Korean ginseng.  Korean Ginseng has a root
system which includes the rhizome head, main root, and lateral roots from which numerous
fine roots and root hairs develop.

The shape of Korean Ginseng undergoes a process of transformation as the roots develop.
In the first year of sowing, ginseng roots undergo about 17 months of the elongation
process (4 to 6 months) and flesh-up process (7-9 months) to become seedlings bearing
heavy hair.  The hair is trimmed off upon transplant in the second year of sowing.  New
lateral roots begin to develop, and the length of the main roots and number of lateral roots
is set in the third year of sowing.  In the fourth and fifth years, main roots flesh up and the
lateral and fine roots grow fully to form the unique shape of ginseng roots.  Six-year-old
ginseng, which is used for manufacturing red ginseng, has a 7~10cm long main root
(diameter: 2~3cm) with several lateral roots and a large rhizome head.  Its total length is
about 34cm and weight is 40 ~ 120g (in some cases, up to 300g).

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