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Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients

Truspex Inc. has been the premier supplier of bulk ingredients to the flavor, fragrance and
personal care industries. We provide the highest quality service and ingredient and
application knowledge to our customers at reasonable prices. Truspex Inc. closely
communicates with manufacturers with respect to new product and market expansion.

As your business partner, Truspex Inc. always monitors the world with regard to changing
trends in supply, demand, and pricing for our customers’ satisfaction. We strive to be on the
leading edge of new technology in the development and commercialization of new products.

Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients Available (click here for details):

  •       Alkoxy Pyrazines

  •       Alkyl Pyrazines

  •       Aromatic Products

  •       Essential Oils

  •       Heterocyclics

  •       Methyl Thio Pyrazines

  •       Miscellaneous Pyrazine/Sulfur

  •       Oleoresin

  •       Thiazoles and Related

  •       Thio Compounds