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Instant Coffee

There are two types of coffee beans.  Robustas were mainly grown in Africa, but now most
coffee producing countries also grow Robustas influenced by increasing demands from the
growing soluble coffee industry.  This industry favors the Robustas bean because it gives a
higher extraction yield and is lower priced than Arabicas.  Arabicas are mainly grown in Latin
America, but just as Latin America now also produces Robustas, so African countries also
grow Arabicas.

Truspex Inc. has years of experience in supplying bulk materials of instant coffee to
beverage and bakery industries.  Our instant coffee products are roasted to different
degrees of color and blended according to the desired color and taste characteristics of the
final product.  

As your business partner, Truspex Inc. has offered premium quality products with excellent
service and has achieved success together with our partners through mutually beneficial

Instant Coffee Available:

  •       Spray Dried Coffee

  •       Agglomerated Coffee

  •       Freeze Dried Coffee